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High Definition Angled Brow Brush

Apply colour and definition to your eye brows with the High Definition Fine Angled Brow Brush. Ideal to apply product to help define your brows, the brush enhances your eye brow shape to highlight the beauty of your natural features. The slim line brow brush allows you to apply powders through the brows or along the lash line for a...

High Definition Angled Eye Shadow Brush

Our Angled Eye Shading Brush features soft smooth natural fibres, and a full, angled design, making applying eyeshadow easier than ever.

High Definition Buffer Brush

The ultimate brush to create a flawless base Specifically designed with flat topped bristles allowing you to accentuate bone structure and blend with ease to achieve a high definition result.

High Definition Domed Buffer Brush

The perfect brush to blend in all those hard to reach areas. The super soft bristles make it ideal to use around delicate areas and to achieve a flawless finish.

High Definition Eyeliner Brush

When trying to master the perfect eyeliner it is all in the brush. The High Definition Eyeliner Brush is perfect to use with liquid and gel liners to create the perfect and most precise finish. You'll never have eyeliner struggles again! Our High Definition Eyeliner Brush is designed for liquid and gel eyeliner precision. Use for streamlined shape and ultra-precise...

High Definition Faux Lashes

Our High Definition Faux Lashes are the perfect finish for any eye look. Easy to apply and reusable, our false eyelashes are designed to be ultra light weight and comfortable to wear.  All High Definition Faux Lashes include two sets of lashes and a vial of adhesive.    Available in our 3 signature styles Bombshell: The Faux Lash for day wear...

High Definition Fine Angled Brow Brush

The High Definition Fine Angled Brow Brush is perfect for creating ultra-fine hair strokes through the brow or to apply gel eyeliners as the firm brush creates ultra-fine lines. Apply colour and definition to your eye brows with the High Definition Fine Angled Brow Brush. Ideal to apply product to help define your brows, the brush enhances your eye brow shape to...

High Definition Foundation Sponge

Our High Definition Foundation Sponge is a reusable beauty blender for applying and blending foundation, as well as creating an immaculate contour.

High Definition Makeup Bag

Our beautiful black leather style make up bag with a black and white striped lining, perfect for carrying around your High Definition make up in style.

High Definition Mascara Brush

High Definition Mascara Brush is a bespoke brush for precise mascara application. Perfect for grooming and separating the lashes, Mascara Brush is designed for root to tip application and helps to minimise mascara clumps and smudges. Mascara Brush is ideal for blending mascara into false lashes for a more natural look and is an innovative way to ensure you have...

High Definition Powder Brush

Our High Definition Powder Brush is a large dome shaped brush perfect for powder application and blending, cleverly designed to have long natural fibres chosen for their ability to hold powder pigments, allowing for perfect and long-lasting application.

High Definition Smudger Brush

High Definition Smudger is the ultimate makeup tool for creating a seamless smoky eye. Perfect for creating an effective dense finish with smudgy and smoky effects, Smudger has a short, rounded brush head with soft and natural bristles which are ideal for smudging eye shadow with ease and precision.

High Definition Stipple Brush

High Definition Stipple Brush is a multi-purpose makeup brush which helps to create an airbrushed effect. Perfect for use with face primer, foundation and compact and loose powder, Stipple Brush buffs base makeup to a seamless finish and helps to create a naturally flawless complexion. The long handle offers complete control and precision whilst the dual fibre bristles make it...