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MAC Pro Colour Palette x 2 Compact

An ultra-slim, stackable, easy-to-use palette that fits two eye shadows or concealers. The MAC Pro Palette is an ultra-slim, customisable palette for a personalised selection of eye shadow and concealer that fits into any makeup kit or can be stacked for effortless storage. Easy to use, the sleek compact is constructed from high-quality black plastic with a see-through lid to view products...

MAC Pro Palette Blush/Powder x 2 (Insert)

Create customised makeup palettes with Pro Palette Blush/Powder x 2 (Insert). Pro Palette inserts specially designed to house two blush, shaping powders or sculpting powder refill pans of your choice. Fitting seamlessly into the Pro Palette Small Compact, the refillable storage solution allows you to create your own portable, interchangeable and customisable palette. Offering two compartments, it enables you to mix and match...