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              Clé de Peau Beauté

              Cle De Peau Beauté Teint Creme Eclat Radiant Cream Foundation SPF 25 21ml

              Luxurious cream foundation provides flawless coverage and transforms the look of skin to silky radiant perfection Protects your complexion against dryness all day and improves the condition of skin with continued use. Enhances luminosity through innovative powder technology that controls the reflection of light from the skin’s surface. Glides on like silk, provides flawless coverage, and leaves skin with a...

              Cle De Peau Beaute Luminizing Face Enhancer

              This exquisite highlighting powder uses innovative light-diffusing technology to define contours and illuminate your complexion. Enhances the natural beauty of skin with a dramatically lustrous makeup finish. Created with a rich texture that glides occ

              Cle De Peau Beaute Refining Pressed Powder LX

              This ultra-fine pressed powder, housed in a specially designed sleek metal case, spreads delicately for an instantly beautiful finish. Includes metal case, refining pressed powder refill and puff. Creates natural radiance and provides a satin sheen. Minimizes the look of uneven skin surface. Achieves a high-quality finish through the synergy of skincare and makeup ingredients. Contains Reviatlizing Moisture Complex. Contains...

              Cle De Peau Beauté Essential Correcting Refiner 170ml

              A fresh, cooling serum that transforms the visual impression of skin, inspiring an exquisitely smooth surface texture and perfectly even radiance. Contains Illuminating Complex, a powerful moisture- stabilizing ingredient that creates a radiant complexion. Prevents perceptible roughness and unevenness and gives skin a refined smooth feeling. Developed with "Surface Refining Complex" to improve quality of skin. Diminishes visible pores and...

              Cle De Peau Beauté Hydro Softening Lotion 170ml

              Clé de Peau Beauté lotions — dewy moisture for stunning radiance. A multi-benefit softening lotion that protects skin against dryness and provides a luxurious hydrating treatment that inspires a radiant complexion. Delivers immediate softening benefits to enable intensified hydration. Promotes clarity and a look of brightness from within. Helps skin resist the effect of environmental stress and maintain a stunning...

              Cle de Peau Beaute Translucent Loose Powder

              A refined loose powder that spreads delicately and evenly onto skin for enhanced luminosity and a flawless finish. Sets foundation for captivating radiance. Reveals captivating natural-looking radiance and luminosity and a long-wear effect with new Light-Transmitting Powder. Smooth powder with a two-layer structure fits against skin perfectly for a natural-looking silky smooth texture without looking powdery. Creates an airy light...

              Cle De Peau Beauté Radiant Stick Foundation

              A lightweight, state-of-the-art stick foundation* inspired by the silky fresh feeling of a beauty essence. Creates a sheer flattering veil that combines the natural look of bare skin with the perfecting features of a dewy, lustrous texture. Provides an ideal makeup finish for relaxed casual attire and an elevated sense of beauty.Delivers moisturizing and protective benefits to skin. Contains Illuminating...

              Cle de Peau Beaute Cream Blush

              Leaves cheeks beautifully flush with the perfect touch of sheer luminous colour 6g A luxuriously moisturising cream blush with Argan Oil that leaves cheeks beautifully flush with the perfect touch of sheer luminous colour.x` Unique and comfortable texture feels sublimely smooth while spreading easily to create a soft contour, fitting smoothly and firmly against skin. Formulated with a blend of...

              Cle de Peau Beauté Radiant Liquid Rouge

              This luxurious glossy stain delivers long-wearing colour that melts into lips for a shiny, vinyl look. 5.5ml Unique Tri-laminar technology separates colour and shine into three layers for an unparalleled level of colour saturation and captivating texture. Brilliant Colour Powder creates bright rich colour that appears to melt into lips. Crystal Coat Polymer reveals a jewel-like luster and radiance. Illuminating...