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              High Definition Brows Makeup Fluid Foundation 30ml

              Now with a slightly lighter formula, our Fluid Foundation glides on to the skin and is more comfortable than ever to wear. It’s silky texture makes it easy to apply and blend achieving the high flawless finish that everyone knows and loves. The Fluid Foundation from Make Up by HD Brows is a long lasting, creamy foundation which gives a...

              High Definition Finishing Powder

              Our High Definition Finishing Powder is an essential finishing step in creating flawless long-lasting finish. Our formula has a lightweight and silky finish, having a feeling of silk on the skin. In addition, our Finishing Powder has a translucent finish and contains Mica which absorbs excess oil and reduces shine. Suitable for all skin tones. Vitamins C and E have...

              High Definition Glow Stick

              Petite and portable. Our Glow Sticks will give your skin an effortless highlight. The creamy texture blends like a dream. Can be used to create a subtle dewy glow or built up to create a more dramatic and luminous strobe effect.

              High Definition Powder Blush

              A lightweight blusher with a soft and silky formula, giving a lovely velvet finish A long lasting blusher, it contains lightweight pigments that allow you to build the colour, with added Vitamins C and E.

              High Definition Powder Foundation Pro Palette

              Our High Definition Powder Foundation Pro Palette includes 6 shades in each palette. This Pro Palette was originally designed as part of the High Definition Brows treatment as the formula contains Aloe-Leaf Extract to smooth skin and disguise redness after hair removal. But that's not the only use for our Pro Palette.   This handy foundation palette contains all the...

              High Definition Sculpt & Glow Palette

              Our High Definition Sculpt&Glow Palette is the only cream contouring palette you need to create the perfect highlight and contour. Tried and tested by the industry's leading make up artists and loved by celebrities. Our duo palette for contouring and highlighting is available in 2 shade variations and is perfect to add depth and definition to your face. Simple and...