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Face Care

Payot Eau Micellaire Purifiante Purifying Cleansing Water 200ml

Purifying cleansing micellar water This micellar water for oily to combination skin gently cleanses skin and leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness. It cleanses skin, removes sebum excess and removes makeup, pollutants and impurities that clog the pores.No need to rinse, its water texture moves makeup without leaving a greasy finish on the face. Ideal For Combination To Oily Skin...

Payot Lait Micellaire Démaquillant Cleansing Micellar Milk 200ml

Comforting moisturising micellar milk with raspberry extracts This cleansing milk removes make-up from the face without stripping the skin of its moisture. Its velvety texture leaves skin clean, soft and comfortable. Ideal for All skin types

Payot My Payot Day Radiance Care For All Skin Types 50ml

Radiance day care with superfruit extracts My Payot Jour moisturising day cream is the ideal day care for a healthy glow in the morning. This is the first beauty step to take: the face is radiant and perfectly hydrated for the day. Fruity, its melting texture is a delight, say goodbye to dullness and signs of fatigue!My Payot Jour's superfruit-infused...

Payot Perform Lift Intense Restructuring Redensifying Care 50ml

Restructuring redensifying care with Acti-Lift complex Perform Lift Intense is the ideal skincare product to intensively redensify skin, it remodels the architecture of the face, smoothes wrinkles and nourishes skin. Intended for mature, tired and dehydrated skin, its rich, creamy texture nourishes the skin and provides it with a sustainable everyday comfort. It is 'lifting effect' that your skin was...

Payot Techni Liss Active Deep Wrinkles Cream 50ml

Deep wrinkles smoothing care with Liss-Process complex Techni Liss Active is the ideal daily anti-aging treatment for deep wrinkles. The specific formula of anti-aging deep wrinkles care Techni Liss Active mimics the skin's repair process to correct wrinkles, true 'scar of time' to smooth, plump and fill the skin, reduce the length and depth of wrinkles . Its melting and...