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GIVENCHY Gloss Revelateur 6ml

Create lip magic with the GIVENCHY Gloss Revelateur in Noir Revelateur, a high-shine lip gloss that reacts to your skin’s pH. This transparent gloss-balm has a unique formula that varies in colour according to the pH of your skin, so that every woman has a unique makeup result. Designed to give your lips a made-to-measure rosy tint, the transparent gloss-balm...

Givenchy Gloss Interdit Extreme Shine Lip Gloss

Amplify the silhouette of your lips  UNBOXED The GIVENCHY Gloss Interdit takes the luminosity of your lips to the next level with its advanced, high shine formula. By highlighting your lips with voluptuous shine, the hydrating formula of Gloss Interdit Vinyl creates a natural volume effect that accentuates the texture and softness of your lips. Infused with the signature GIVENCHY...