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              milk_shake Leave-In Treatments Whipped Cream Leave-In Foam Conditioner 200ml

              MILK_SHAKE, LEAVE-IN TREATMENTS Nourishing care and protection without the need to rinse, the Whipped Cream Leave-In Foam provides support for the hair, using milk proteins to restructure the hair. Makes the hair more manageable and softer without weighing it down.To use: Shake well and dispense into the hand. Apply to clean, damp hair before styling.Active ingredients: Multi-vitamin complex, Integrity 41®...

              milk_shake Integrity Nourishing Shampoo 1000ml

              MILK_SHAKE, INTEGRITY A gentle cleansing shampoo that eliminates frizz, softens the hair and preserves hair colour. The Nourishing Integrity shampoo provides support for dry and damaged hair, restoring hair strength and vigour. Muru muru butter offers an intense moisturising effect.To use: Apply to wet hair and massage. Rinse thoroughly.Active ingredients: Muru muru butter.

              milk_shake Moisture Plus Shampoo 300ml

              MILK_SHAKE, MOISTURE PLUS Moisture Plus Shampoo provides support for dry and dehydrated hair. It features a blend of Papaya extract, Integrity 41 and Hyaluronic Acid which combine to balance and maintain the hair's natural moisture balance. It helps to improve hair softness, provides antioxidants and protects hair colour.To use: Apply to damp hair and work into a lather. Rinse thoroughly.Active...

              milk_shake Energizing Blend Scalp Treatment 30ml

              MILK_SHAKE, ENERGIZING BLEND An intensive treatment that uses natural extracts to energise and support fine, thinning or fragile hair. The Energizing Blend Scalp Treatment supports the hair stem, increasing softness and density. Refreshes and energises the scalp, stimulating hair growth for fuller hair.To use: Apply to the scalp and massage gently for a few minutes. Do not rinse.Active ingredients: Rosemary,...

              Milk_Shake Integrity Repairing Hair Treatment Ampoule 8 x 12ml

              Integrity Repairing Hair Treatment Ampoule 8 x 12ml The Integrity Repairing Hair Treatment is a potent and targeted treatment that restores damaged hair. It supplies a combination of proteins and amino acids that repairs the damage caused by chemical treatments and restructures the hair. Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Milk Proteins keep the hair soft and hydrated. It also...

              Milk_Shake Argan Shampoo 300ml

              Argan Shampoo milk_shake Argan Oil shampoo features organic argan oil which provides support and a conditioning treatment for all hair types. Combined with a delicate, cleansing formula it refreshes the hair and even removes frizz. Leaves the hair soft to the touch whilst helping to preserve colour treatments.

              Milk_Shake Integrity Incredible Oil Hair Oil 50ml

               Integrity Incredible Oil Hair Oil  A repairing and protective oil for damaged hair for split ends. milk_shake Incredible Oil is a leave-in treatment that has been formulated to protect hair from the heat of drying, straightening and other stressors that weaken hair. Provides nutrition, detangles and helps seal the cuticle to counteract and prevent split ends, leaving hair incredibly shiny,...

              Milk_Shake Sensorial Mint Shampoo 1000ml

              Sensorial Mint Shampoo  Packed with invigorating mint, this cleansing shampoo provides a gentle treatment well suited to frequent use. Organic mint leaf gives a fresh fragrance whilst the shampoo refreshes both the hair and scalp.

              Milk_Shake Curl Passion Conditioner 1000ml

              Curl Passion Conditioner  Milk Shake Curl Passion Conditioner (1000ml) is the ultimate conditioner for curly, wavy hair types. Enriched with a combination of organic Amazon rainforest oils, this conditioner adds softness, generating bouncy and long-lasting curls with improved flexibility and manageability.

              Milk_Shake No Frizz Glistening Milk 125ml

              No Frizz Glistening Milk The milk_shake Glistening Milk helps to keep hair hydrated, ensuring frizz is removed and the hair is kept smooth. Provides a conditioning treatment that is rich in antioxidants, which protects the hair against environmental aggressors and helps to preserve colour. Helps to keep the hair manageable.

              Milk_Shake Energizing Blend Shampoo 300ml

              Energizing Blend Shampoo Milk Shake Energising Blend Shampoo (300ml) is a thickening shampoo which effectively cleanses fine, fragile and thinning hair. Formulated with a blend of botanical extracts, it contains Organic Sage for its anti-inflammatory properties and Rosemary to energise and stimulate follicles.

              Milk_Shake Lifestyling Texturizing Spritz Hair Spray 175ml

               Lifestyling Texturizing Spritz Hair Spray  Ideal for creating a gorgeous beach-look, the Texturizing Spritz adds body to the hair, with volume and control. Chestnut extract supports the hair with both a moisturising effect and heat protection. Quinoa proteins help to protect hair colour and milk proteins condition the hair.

              Milk_Shake No Frizz Glistening Spray 100ml

              No Frizz Glistening Spray A finishing touch for hair that removes frizz and increases hair manageability. The Glistening Spray uses date and Crambeabyssinica oils to smooth and support the hair, maintaining its moisture balance and instilling a lasting shine that provides impact to your look. Suitable for all hair types.

              Milk_Shake Purifying Blend Shampoo 300ml

               Purifying Blend Shampoo The milk_shake Purifying Blend provides intensive cleansing that refreshes the hair and scalp, removing impurities, dandruff, sebum and sweat. ADA seaweed provides natural antioxidants which protect the hair as well as essential vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. Nettle extract smooths and conditions the hair whilst achillea extract removes dandruff and refreshes the hair.

              Milk_Shake Sweet Camomile Conditioner 300ml

              Sweet Camomile Conditioner  The Sweet Camomile Conditioner has been designed for blond hair and uses organic camomile extract and honey to nourish the hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Makes the hair softer and easier to detangle. Accents blond tones in the hair, supporting highlights for shiny hair.

              Milk_Shake Integrity Hair Oil 100ml

              Integrity Hair Oil  Milk Shake Integrity Incredible Oil (100ml) is a protective, repairing hair oil for use on split ends and damaged hair. This leave-in treatment provides thermal protection from straightening and blow-drying and combats other external factors which weaken the hair structure.

              Milk_Shake Volume Solution Styling Spray 175ml

              Volume Solution Styling Spray  The Volumizing Styling Spray builds on the hair, creating volume, structure and shine. It gives the hair's elasticity a boost whilst adding hold for better styling. Designed to compliment a styling regime this spray is ideal for use with hair-dryers, rollers, irons and styling wands.

              Milk_Shake Normalizing Blend Shampoo 300ml

              Normalizing Blend Shampoo The Normalizing Blend Shampoo helps to correct greasiness and refresh the hair and scalp. Using a formula rich in plant extracts and essential oils it removes sebum and oily residues whilst remaining gentle.