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              Scholl Toenail Scissors

              Scholl Toenail Scissors combine the precision and sharpness of scissors with the strength and durability of clippers to make cutting even thick toenails easy Hand crafted from the finest quality stainless steel, the unique ergonomic design ensures excellent control with either hand.Scholl Toenail Scissors can also be used for trimming fingernails.

              Scholl Insoles Men's Sport Gel Active

              Scholl Insoles Men's Sport Gel Active ABSORBS IMPACT AND REDUCES PRESSURE: Gelactiv technology provides high shock absorption and cushioning performance which is beneficial for your feet during running or sports ANTI-ODOUR TECHNOLOGY: Scholl gel insoles are complete with an upper coating of Freshfeet fabric so your feet will be protected against unpleasant foot odours and will remain cool and dry...

              Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding

              Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding helps to relieve pressure and friction on areas of your skin that are painful and irritated These dermatologically tested adhesive pads help to protect your skin, relieving pressure and letting your skin heal in its own time.

              Scholl Women’s Gel Activ Work Insoles

              Scholl Gel Activ work insoles have Gelactiv technology and sole shape design. It provides superior shock absorption vs not wearing insoles and cushioning performance with the ergonomically designed gel insert integrated into the insole. Gelactiv is effective in absorbing micro shocks and helps reduce excessive pressure from daily activities. Suitable for wearing inside work boots. Size: 3.5-7.5

              Scholl Shock Absorbing Gel Insoles Comfort Breathable 1 Pair

              Made from a highly durable gel to provide feet with the excellent cushioning, combined with an absorbent and antibacterial top cloth They keep feet comfortable all day and thanks to their unisex, cut-to-size design they fit to almost all types of shoes and stay firmly in place. Designed for everyday use.

              Scholl Complete Corn Treatment Kit

              How is the Scholl Corn Treatment Kit different? The Scholl Corn Treatment Kit is a complete solution for the relief and removal of painful corns.

              Scholl Fungal Nail 2 In 1 Treat & Prevent Treatment 3.8 ml

              Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment helps prevent spread of infection and recurrence, and is suitable for treating mild fungal nail conditions. Why is Scholl Fungal nail treatment different? Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment is a uniquely designed system for the treatment of fungal nail. The discreet, easy to use treatment has been specially formulated to penetrate into the nail to kill nail...

              Scholl Gel Activ Everyday Insoles For Men

              Why use Scholl GELACTIV™ Everyday? Its dual gel is proven to effectively absorb micro shocks and help reduce excessive pressure of walking or daily activities. The firmer gel provides arch and heel support and softer gel gives superior cushioning and shock absorption.GELACTIV™ EverydayGELACTOV™ TECHNOLOGYAll day shock absorptionSole shape design for all day comfortGELACTIV™ TECHNOLOGYGelActiv™ technology provides superior shock absorption* and...