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Skin Care

Elemis Tan Accelerator 125ml

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, a great tan begins with good preparation. Elemis Sunwise Tan Accelerator prepares your skin for exposure to the sun, helping prolong your tan, while softening and moisturising your body. Prepare your body for sun exposure by stimulating its natural melanin production in advance. Fragrant Tahitian gardenia, macadamia and jojoba oil combined with a tan...

Lancome Soleil Bronzer Sun Protective Body Spray SPF50 200ml

The most beautiful tans in the world reveal a mysterious radiant glow, an exceptional light Today, Lancôme unveils a beautiful tan.For the 1st time by Lancôme, born from the innovative combination of an advanced broad UVA-UVB filter system and a precious oil trilogy, this smoothing and refreshing protective mist protects the skin efficiently, offers an instant sensation of freshness, and...