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              Wilkinson Sword

              Wilkinson Sword Hydro 3 Blades Refill (Pack of 4)

               Hydro 3 razor blade helps to protect men’s skin.    Water Activated Gel Reservoir: Designed to protect men’s skin and deliver 40% less friction than a razor with lubrication strip.* 3 ultra-glide razor blades with skin guards: Smooth the skin's surface , helping to reduce irritation. This Hydro 3 refill pack contains 4 replacement blades for Hydro 3 razor Blades...

              Wilkinson Sword Hydro 3 Razor Blades

              Designed to protect skin against irritation, Wilkinson Sword Hydro 3 razor provides a comfortable 3 blade shave at an affordable price With three Ultra Glide blades for a comfortable shave Skin guards help smooth skin preventing it getting caught between blades as they pass over the face Water activated gel pools hydrates throughout each shave and help protect skin from...