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If you have purchased a Beauty Box, a subscription is automatically created for you which you can manage by logging in to your account.

Click the 'Manage Subscriptions/Manage Subscriptions Shipping Address' link to view and manage your subscription. You will then see a page like this (if you are on a desktop):

 Number Description
1 Delivery Schedule - Here you can view and manage future orders that have not yet been placed. This will not show you information about orders that have been placed but not yet dispatched. You can use this section to skip months that you would not like to receive Beauty Boxes in.
2 Subscriptions - The default section. Here you can view all your subscriptions and some other information such as your shipping address, the boxes you are subscribed to, the payment amount and the next charge date. You can also cancel your subscription from here (see 7).
3 Billing Information - Clicking here will allow you to view and manage your billing information. This is where you can update your card and change your billing address.
4 Purchase History - Clicking here will show you previous Beauty Box purchases. This includes orders that have not yet been dispatched.
5 Edit Shipping Address - Here is where you can change you shipping address for your Beauty Box. We still strongly recommend emailing us to confirm that your change has been successful if you choose to update it yourself.
6 Next Charge Date - This shows you when our system will charge you next. This is NOT the date when your next box will be dispatched. If you have an unfulfilled order we will aim to get your box dispatched as soon as possible, this date is not related to any open orders.

Edit and Cancel Subscription - Click on the Edit link to view more options where you can change the amount of boxes, frequency (every month, every two month etc.), payment method and shipping address.
Click on the Cancel link to cancel your subscription. Please note that if you have multiple subscriptions you will need to do this for all subscriptions if you do not want any more boxes.


Additional Information

Cancelling your subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, cancelling your subscription will not cancel any open orders. If you would like to cancel your subscription and any open open orders please contact us.

Changing shipping address

Whilst you can change your shipping address yourself, we strongly recommend contacting us to confirm any changes. Please also keep an eye out on any notification emails you receive as your order confirmation email will state your shipping address, if this email shows the incorrect address please get in touch immediately.