Emporio Armani Diamonds Intense Eau de Parfum 30ml

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Emporio Armani Diamonds Intense EDP is an enticing edition of a gourmet fruity and floral blends, which harmonise a symbol of womanliness with rose aromas mixed with rich accords.

This mixture attracts and seduces the senses and leaves an amazing fragrant trail.
Emporio Armani Diamonds Intense is more alluring than ever, Diamonds is reinvented in an intense variation.
A pulsating rhythm, an extreme tempo.
The fragrance asserts its accords in a vibrant, classy composition. A new pace, more depth and more intensity.

Under this blazing spotlight, the delicious, feminine composition makes an elegant, bold and bodily impact. The top notes of the fragrance consist of raspberry nectar that flow into the heart notes of bulgarian rose. Both the raspberry nectar and bulagarian rose merge together with patchouli and bourbon vanilla.