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                Philosophy Renewed Hope In a Jar 60ml

                Philosophy has created a new generation of renewal and hope. Renewed hope in a jar emerges as a new refreshed sensorial formula developed with the latest scientific advance in skin care. 1. Refined texture and pores - thanks to a triple blend of alpha-hydroxy acids which gently exfoliate skin 2. All-day hydration - thanks to a combination of 3 hyaluronate...

                Philosophy Compassionate Creamy Vanilla Eau de Parfum 30ml Spray

                Express your true self with this creamy vanilla eau de parfum created to evoke the quality that shares its name. Worn individually, compassionate is warm and enticing; paired and layered, it adds spiciness and depth, creating your unique signature scent.

                Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar 24-Hour Waterproof Full Coverage Concealer 10ml

                your best disappearing act! skin-nourishing renewed hope in a jar complete concealer delivers instant full coverage in a feather-light texture that feels barely there. the highly pigmented formula containing aloe vera, chamomile and green tea botanical extracts blends easily on the skin for creaseless and flawless coverage that blurs imperfections including redness, scars and dark spots. clincal results: up to...