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              Sun Care

              Lancome Soleil DNA Guard Protective Body-Milk Mist SPF15 150ml

              Velvety Skin Protective Body-Milk Mist. Continuous Hydration. Velvety Skin. SPF 15. Medium Protection. Apply just before exposure. Reapply frequently and generously. Do not spray on the face. 

              Riemann P20 Once A Day Protection SPF50 Spray 100ml

               Offers protection for 10 hours  Riemann P20 is a clear liquid which quickly dries on contact with the skin. It offers protection for 10 hours as proven in laboratory tests. The formula is very water resistant and doesn't need to be re-applied after swimming. This makes it great for when your out and about all day in the sun. Quick...

              Riemann P20 Once a Day Sun Protection SPF 30 Spray

              Water resistant and only needs to be applied once a day. This Riemann P20 sun cream is a long-lasting sun cream designed for those who will be out in the sun and active while doing so. As a result, it is water resistant and only needs to be applied once a day. It offers an SPF rating of 30 and...

              Riemann P20 Seriously Reliable Suncare Continuous Spray SPF50 150ml

              P20 is a highly reliable and very water resistant sunscreen with a unique transparent lightweight consistency. Sprays easily at any angle for quick and even coverage. Ideal for the whole family, it contains photostable UVA and UVB filters, but no added fragrances or colourants. It includes UVA protection at a level that far exceeds EU recommendation and is rated 4...

              Riemann P20 Seriously Reliable Suncare Protection Spray SPF15 100ml

              Protect your skin from the suns harmful rays with Riemann P20 Sun Filter 100ml SPF15. Quick drying and extremely water resistant, it promotes safe and gradual tanning, whilst the UVA/UVB protection shields your skin for up to ten hours. Non-greasy, it sinks effortlessly into your skin, and the once-a-day application means you can get on with enjoying some fun in...

              Riemann P20 Seriously Reliable Suncare SPF20 Lotion 100ml

              Uses long lasting UVA and UVB chemical filters to protect from sun  Riemann P20 SPF 20 100ml lotion offers a long lasting sun protection formula.  The formula uses long lasting UVA and UVB chemical filters to protect from sun ageing and burning. Use Riemann P20 SPF lotion under make-up for daily use, as well as to protect your whole body...