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Uriage 1St No-Rinse Cleansing Water 500ml

1St No-Rinse Cleansing Water  Gently eliminates impurities and dirt. Leaves the skin clean, soft and delicately scented. Ideal for face, body and nappy area

Uriage Ds Regulating Foaming Gel 150ml

Regulating Foaming Gel   Buy Uriage's top Skincare products Uriage D.S Anti-Irritation & Redness Foaming Gel 150ml today from HealthPharm. Brand NEW products at a GREAT price!

Uriage Depiderm Anti-Brown Spot Spf 15 Fluid 30ml

Anti-Brown Spot Spf 15 Fluid   Corrects brown spots and evens out pigmentation. Prevents the appearance of brown spots. Leaves the skin supple and comfortable

Uriage Eau Thermale Cleansing Cream For Face Body & Hair 500ml

Cleansing Cream For Face Body & Hair  Keep your body and hair cleansed, soft and moisturised with the Uriage Cleansing Cream, a multi-tasking soap-free cleanser for the face, body and hair, suitable for all skin types - including sensitive skin, children and infants.

Uriage Bebe Soothing Cleansing Oil 500ml

 Bebe Soothing Cleansing Oil Uriage Baby 1st Cleansing Soothing Oil 500ml is a care that gently cleanses the dehydrated skin of baby. Its formula enriched in replenishing and moisturising protects from drying out, soothes the itching sensations associated and leaves a protective film.

Uriage Bariéderm Fissures Cracks Ointment 40ml

 Bariéderm Fissures Cracks Ointment  An insulation and repair ointment that helps insulate, repair and soften recent or old fissures and cracks. Moisturises dry skin areas and restores comfort. Ideal for body, hands, feet and nipples.

Uriage Bariesun Spf 50+ Dry Oil 200ml

 Bariésun Spf 50+ Dry Oil Uriage Bariésun Dry Oil SPF50+ 200ml is a non-sticky dry oil with a satin finish with very high UVB/UVA sun protection for sensitive skin, which is water resistant.

Uriage Keratosane Gel-Cream 40ml

Keratosane Gel-Cream Reduce the appearance of rough textured skin with the Uriage Keratosane 30 Cream-Gel.  The exfoliating moisturiser is enriched with concentrated Urea which produces a powerful keratolytic action on rough or very thick skin. Perfect for use on areas such as the elbows and knees, or patches of psoriasis on the body and scalp. The softening and exfoliating action of this...

Uriage Eau Thermale Glow Up Water Essence 100ml

Eau Thermale Glow Up Water Essence Enriched with a host of skin-enhancing ingredients, the Glow Up Water Essence boosts skin’s hydration levels to provide optimum moisturisation. With 10% Uriage Thermal Water, the essence soothes and protects skin with its naturally healing and isotonic properties. The skin is defended against moisture loss as the mineral-rich water uses calcium and magnesium to...

Uriage 1St Cleansing Cream 200ml

Cleansing Cream Enriched with Glycerin and the brand's unique Thermal Water to soothe and hydrate the face, whilst a nourishing blend of Shea Butter and Cornflower Water boost the skin's natural defences against environmental aggressors. Expect calm, comfortable skin with a delicate fragrance.

Uriage Very Dry And Sensitive Skin Cold Cream 100ml

Dry And Sensitive Skin Cold Cream Cold Cream is specially designed for the very dry and sensitive skins. Formulated to protect the skin from external attacks, it is formulated on the basis of beeswax with nutritional properties. Rich in Uriage Thermal Spring Water, it restores the hydrolipidic film and soothes the skin.

Uriage Bebe With Organic Edelweiss Change Cream 100ml

Organic Edelweiss Change Cream Uriage’s cream for little ones acts just like a bandage, as their patented non-occulative Poly-2P complex provides an insulating shield over skin. It’s as though your infant’s skin has been wrapped up in a protective blanket, as the cream helps prevent future irritation. Plus, this innovative complex continues to repair skin.

Uriage Bariéderm Insulating Repair Cream 75ml

Bariéderm Insulating Repair Cream A real barrier cream, this skin-care insulates the skin from everyday factors that aggress the skin such as detergents, household cleansing products, repeated rubbing. Its unique composition allows it to act on two levels: thanks to the patented Poly-2P complex, Bariederm Insulating Repairing Cream isolates the surface of the epidermis without any occlusive effect and enhances...

Uriage Age Protect Instant Multi-Correction Filler 30ml

Age Protect Instant Multi-Correction Filler Uriage’s correction cream gives the impression of instantly enhanced skin by promoting a uniform, plump and youthful look. It boasts a filler-like effect as crossed-linked hyaluronic acid targets wrinkles, including crow’s-feet, furrows and fine lines around the lip contour. This hydrating ingredient smooths skin, while a pore refining agent works alongside soft-focus powders to tighten...

Uriage Roséliane Anti-Redness Mask 40ml

Roséliane Anti-Redness Mask  Utilising a host of active ingredients that effectively counteract signs of couperose and rosacea, the hydrating face mask combines ginseng and red algae extracts to reduce the appearance of blood vessels on skin's surface; Uriage Thermal Water to hydrate and soothe, and cerasterol-2F to restructure the cutaneous barrier.

Uriage Thermal Combination To Oily Skin Micellar Water 250ml

Thermal Combination To Oily Skin Micellar Water Uriage’s Micellar Water Uriage thoroughly cleanses the complexion by removing everything from stubborn makeup to daily dirt. The micellar water uses gentle, non-ionic surfactants, which act like magnets to effectively capture surface impurities and lift them away from the skin.

Uriage Hyséac Mat' Mattifying Combination To Oily Skin Emulsion 40ml

Mattifying Combination To Oily Skin Emulsion Suitable for oily to combination skin. Hyséac Mat is a mattifying care with an exceptional texture.

Uriage 1St Cradle Cap Care Cream 40ml

 Cradle Cap Care Cream  Eliminate cradle cap with the Uriage Bebe 1st Cradle Cap Care Cream, an overnight treatment for babies, which reduces the appearance of dry, flaked skin on the scalp.