3 in 1 Professional Ball Blow Drying Detangling Heat Resistant Hair Brush Style

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3 hair brushes in 1:
  • Conventional de-tangler - Brush will stop at the first knot so no more tears
  • Blow drying - The large vents allow the air to pass through, thus reducing your blow drying time by half. Less heat, less damage
  • Styler/Brush - Brush eliminates gaps and flat patches and styles the hair with each and every brush stroke, in whichever direction you roll the brush. Perfect for keeping your style in from visits to the salon
Have you ever wished you could have a hairbrush that rolled on your head instead of locking like a conventional hairbrush? Now you can with 3-in-1 Professional Hairbrush The world's first circular brush!
No batteries or gas required and it is perfect for taking on holiday with you too. Professional 3-in-1 Hairbrush is also anti-static, it will reduce frizz and flyaway without extra serums or sprays and is heat resistant up to 150°C.
3-in-1 Professional Hairbrush lifts and styles the hair as you brush from front to back and side to side. Just roll the brush keeping it on the scalp at all times. Do not lift the brush away from the scalp.
Seeing is Believing! For longer hair styles, it will never pull or break the hair and it will cut blow drying time down by half thanks to the large vents and size of the head. It creates volume and big bouncy curls.
Kids love it too as it's perfect for de-tangling and guarantees no more tears. So go on treat yourself today! It will be your own hairdresser in your handbag and cheaper than a trip to the salon! Feel the difference, see the difference with 3-in-1 Professional Hairbrush.



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